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Summer Training (April - September)

All coastal rowing activity between April and September takes place from the boathouse on the sea dependent on tide, water temperature and wind conditions. The club does not participate in rowing at night on the sea. As we use the sea during the late spring through to late summer, we have to be aware of other sea users (for example Eastbourne Sovereign Sailing Club, Spray Watersports, General Public and Swimmers or Lifeguards training on the beach next to us).

Winter Training (October - March)

Rowing takes place on Wallers Haven on the A259 (Marsh Rd). This is also dependent on conditions as the river can be frozen, the pontoon may be too icy to use and the water level may be too high/ running too fast to safely launch boats. We have to be aware of other users on this river such as Bexhill Rowing Club or Fishermen as well as leaving this area free from rubbish.


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